2016 isn’t quite over yet! Take a look at these 4 great wedding trends so you can finish up your last minute wedding details.

#1 Cake that’s not cake

In 2016 dessert has gotten a bit more creative.  Starting with desserts lavishly displayed to look like traditional wedding cakes to desserts showing no resemblance to the routine cake. Break the chocolate mold this year!


#2 Mix n’ Match Bridesmaids & #3 Pastels

We’re combining two trends into one.  Bridesmaids dresses have forever been cookie cutter and well sometimes BLAH and pastels have defiantly hit the wedding circuit and the fashion runway this year. Stay on top of the trends by incorporating both mixed styled dresses and perhaps different shades of pastels into your wedding day.




#4 Monochromatic Color Theme

Weddings are going monochromatic in 2016! Less is more when it comes to a wedding color theme. All you need is one color in an array of shades to create a beautiful wedding backdrop.