The day has finally come; birds are chirping, the temperature is perfect and there’s a sweet smell of lilacs in the air … and suddenly BAM, YOU’RE ENGAGED! So what now?? Engagement photos with your Labrador retriever, looking for the perfect church, perfect venue, something old, something borrowed and something blue!?  STOP, this all can seem like a lot for some people.  Firstly, allow yourself to enjoy the well-deserved title of Fiancé.  Okay, back to reality.

Creating your perfect wedding doesn’t have to be a stressful or scary situation. It’s all about asking the right questions and finding what works for you and your partner.

Let’s start with engagement photos. Take them or leave them it’s really up to your own person preference.  It’s not about the new or old traditions; it’s about the couple and their vision from start to finish.  If you do choose to have engagement photos taken, take advantage of a splendid opportunity. What opportunity am I referring to? The opportunity to really see what a photographer of your choosing is really made of. Now you can check two items of your list.

Venues – Now this is where it’s make or break.  If you have a great wedding venue you need a great wedding planner. Having someone there to answer questions and really guide you through a time that may not be oh so familiar is imperative.  At Bonura Hospitality we take great pride in making the planning for a Wedding or any event seamless and stress-free.  At all of our properties we offer reminders and expert advice to all our Brides and Grooms.  From reservation cards, place cards, vendor suggestions and table linens. Check, Check, Check and Check.

At the end of the day no matter where you live, your age, sex, or income, it’s all about the couple, their vision and last but never least LOVE.  Isn’t it? #Hudsonvalleyweddings