It’s always nice to have a friend or even a friend of a friend with connections when it comes to planning for your big day. For Example: Your friend Amy is a photographer, “Amy you’re coming to my wedding and you’re going to be my Photographer” All seems great and you may be saving some money but poor Amy is now on duty. “You better stand up and eat that steak Amy, We have photos to take.”  I doubt you’re that rude to your friends but the truth is your wedding day is kind of a BIG deal. I’ve been in the wedding business for five years and the food and beverage business for ten years. I’ve seen every kind of vendor from someone’s uncle plugging in an IPod Nano into a Bose SoundDock to serious professionals fully equipped with a complete itinerary.

From the stand point of the venue working with real professional makes everything seamless. Having them take the time prior to your event to sit down and talk to you about you likes, dislikes and complete vision is imperative to make your wedding day as stress-free as possible. I may seem a little biased but it really is truly important. You shouldn’t have to worry about one thing when your wedding day arrives.

The best part is you can still invite your friend Amy. She’ll probably still take some really great candid shots and even better yet she’ll get to enjoy your wedding day while posing for some pictures.