Hidden Wedding Costs

Planning a wedding can be put simply – beautiful chaos. Once you’ve booked a date and the wheels are set in motion, it’s quite a relief to know that you’re on your way to that finished product and your BIG day. However, what many people don’t realize are all of the hidden costs.  Here are a few, they may not be food but they are definitely some food for thought.  Bon appétit!

Gifts – Of course getting gifts is always appreciated on your big day. However, many couples forget until their wallet or purses are flat, about giving gifts back. As a nice gesture, many people give gifts to their wedding party and close family. It can be a personalized item or even just purchasing and/or renting of the tux or dresses.

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Gratuity – While gratuity typically is never expected, it is always appreciated.  If you feel like your service was of a high quality, showing your appreciation to the bartender, servers, and staff involved, is always welcomed.


Favors-   Favors can vary in price depending on what your vision is. Remember, not every wedding needs to have favors. If you do decide to have favors for you guests, perhaps try sometime that is DIY, like a homemade treat or even candy bar.


Postage- While postage may seem cheap these days it can really add up.  If you have heavy card stock paper, one stamp won’t cut it. Postage can cost up to $2 an invite depending on the weight. There is also the after wedding thank you cards that are needed, to be kept in mind.


Hopefully you find these tips helpful when planning your special day. The last rule of thumb is to remember to always enjoy your planning process. Happy planning everyone!