There are only a few wedding mistakes that couples make…. FALSE, there’s an endless list of mistakes made, but there is only so much time in a day. I’ll be going over a few in hopes of saving a few couples from some minor and/or major panic attacks. I’ll be discussing some myths and mistakes when it comes to planning your big day. You may want to take a few notes.

Myth #1: The higher the cost the better the vendor.

Fact: Just because a vendor is pricey doesn’t mean they are worth it. ALWAYS read reviews and references, no matter what the price tag is for any vendor. Meeting with your vendor one on one is also an important step with making your decision because not every vendor is going to suit your style and personality.



Myth #2: Everything will be perfect on my wedding day if I plan every small detail.

Fact: Yes, it is important to maintain involvement with the planning of your wedding. However, if you’ve explained your vision and hired true professionals, you’ve done your job. Trusting your vendors and their experience is important.




Myth #3: You need to make everyone happy.

Fact: Of course you want everyone to be happy, but let’s face it, that’s nearly an impossible feat. Providing a comfortable space with adequate food and drinks is the only obligation you should have when it comes to your wedding day. The venue, dress, colors, and other design details should be what you want and what combines you and your partner’s style and preferences.

After all it is your day. Happy Planning!